Man tries to burn European Union EU flag, it doesn’t burn because of EU regulations on flammable materials
Democracy how it works: you may have fancy education and high IQ but the rest of us say we all jump into this lake of hot lava
*Trump becomes president* NASA: shit. A few weeks later: “we’ve found 7 planets, 3 we can live on, and there’s enough room for everyone”
Oscars announcement card Clinton wins over Trump fail mistake
Oscars card Hillary Clinton president of the United States mistake trolling
Religion secularism democracy water tame drawing
Lie Lie Land Donald Trump La La Land
Bill’s fashion – Steven Seagal in the 80s, Hillary’s fashion – Steven Seagal right now
Putin staring at a cat inside a computer screen monitor
Donald Trump is a misogynistic billionaire who boasted about his molesting and dominating behaviour towards women, what an asshole. Reading Fifty Shades of Grey