I’m at the age where people are asking: so what are you doing with your life? and I’m like: mate I am genuinely just here for a laugh
10PM just a couple more games, now it’s 4AM
When it’s your day off and you can do anything you want but you just sit there like the piece of shit you are raccoon
When you see everyone going through drama but you’re antisocial so nothing be happening to you man chilling with beer
Fingers explained: promise, love, provoke, direction, good luck. Gamer: shift, A, W, D, spacebar
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Hannah microwaves butterflies in her spare time ad poster
My hobbies switching between three apps for hours not speaking to anyone listening same songs imagining situations that will never exist
Never stop gaming sticker on Mercedes truck
Holy shit it’s a triangle OMG so hipster can’t breathe bag quote
When you stop being shy around new people but you start getting annoying. Why are you like this?