My face vs my soul sock inside outside comparison
What I think what I say
How to win at Tekken: pick Eddie Gordo, spam every button, nobody will want to fight you again, perfect victory
How my weeks go: mooonday, tuuuesday, weeednesday, thuuursday, frisatsun
So glad I grew up doing this not this. Snorting cocaine vs using smartphone
How to play the Sims: spend 8 hours making a beautiful family, play as intended for 3 seconds, motherlode, build dream house, cry over fact you’ll never live there, murder entire family
Before instagram after instagram nerds geeks
Before and after: cocaine, alcohol, crack, Pokemon GO. Fat guy becomes fit
Women are so hard to read. Well actually we just want… Such complex creatures. If you just listen… So mysterious
SWAG is for boys, empire is for men