When the brain and heart fight the liver always suffers
Larry made fun of me when I quit smoking but then he had a stroke and the laughing stopped
This restue cat’s broken jaw got fixed by some good humans turning it into a gorgeous smile cute
What body type are you: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph, necromorph, xenomorph
Pulled muscle? That’s just a muscle that wasn’t ready
My friend/s cat had an allergic reaction to her food
I hate taking off my glasses cause my eyes go from 1080p full HD to buffering at 240p and I just can’t handle that
Dessert stomach: secondary organ reserved solely for when the primary stomach is full but you still really want to get that Chocolate Volcano Brownie because it just looks so good
Sensations in different parts of our body when we experience emotions infographic
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My girlfriends hairclip nearly put me in cardiac arrest spider