USA memes

Astronaut in Tesla roadster flying into WTC World Trade Center Falcon Heavy test flight SpaceX
American atomic bomb, Russian atomic bomb, Turkish atomic bomb huge kebab
McDonald’s called out order 369 and I yelled out “Damn she fine” and nobody laughed or danced, I hate where were at in America right now
USA elections 2008 A New Hope, 2016 Empire Strikes Back, 2020 Return of The Jedi Obama Trump Sanders
Stephen Paddock is now playing Fallout New Vegas Las Vegas terrorist attack
Yeah, fck you earth! American pickup trucks black smoke. Well fck you too hurricane Irma
When North Korea keeps promising to nuke California but the nuke never comes. Sad fallout man
Hiroshima Detroit 1945-2015 comparison: it’s easier to bounce back from a nuclear holocaust than endure six decades of ngrs