Laugh memes

A woman’s laughter is so much more cheerful than a man’s, but a man’s tears are so much more meaningful than a woman’s
Frank I seriously doubt you can make me laugh this time. *Boop* huehuehue aeroplanes laughing funny planes
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Larry made fun of me when I quit smoking but then he had a stroke and the laughing stopped
Have you ever looked at someone while they’re doing something small like driving, laughing or eating and just smile because they don’t know you farted yet
That laugh in exam when you know you’ve screwed up
When your salad keeps making jokes laughing women
Have you ever bulshitted on an essay so hard that you basically laugh after every sentence you write?
I’m at the age where people are asking: so what are you doing with your life? and I’m like: mate I am genuinely just here for a laugh