Bitcoins memes

Altcoins waiting to see what Bitcoin will do next
Bitcoin it’s a bubble repeating over and over again
Guy: I have 1 million dollars in bitcoins. Girl: wow, wanna buy us some drinks? Guy: oh no, I don’t have any real money
Bitcoin it’s down 10% percent exchange: sell sell sell, smart kid think I’ll buy more
Bitcoin: if you cant handle my 20% percent drops you don’t deserve my 600% percent gains
Bitcoin holder investor has to work at McDonald’s due to low value, puts on McDonald’s hat meme
1809 the empire can’t fall it’s too big, 1912 Titanic the ship can’t sink it’s too safe, 2008 the market cant crash it’s too large, 2017 bitcoin the bubble can’t burst it keeps growing
How to invest in Bitcoin 2010: buy 10k BTC at 6 cents, 2011 damn you’ve spoiled it, spent money on a used car. Bitcoins are now worth $178 million, you could have been set for life all you have is a used car