Last veteran of his World War II battle group marching alone in Victory Day parade
Russian soldier wiped out a band of ISIS fighters after calling in an airstrike on himself when surrounded by jihadists in Syria
When you’re a rebel but you don’t really want to miss your workout session. Sniper on a stationary bike
Do you think I’m cute private Pyle? Do you think I’m funny? dogs in army
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Country taboo topic: USA 9/11, France Paris attacks, Germany WW2, Greece economic crisis, Brazil 7:1 football score
You were born too late, you will never explore earth. You were born too early you’ll never explore the galaxy, you were born just in time to fight European race war Pepe frog
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10 out of 10-terrorists prefer “gun free” zones
We have more in common with the people we are bombing, than the people we are bombing them for