Kid told his dad he wanted to train his puppy so he made him watch dog training videos on YouTube
Which show would you like to cross over with? The Kardashians so we could kill them
James May doesn’t want Ferrari he wants Dacia Sandero Drake meme
DoI have to unbury Hitler so he can show you how a fcking oven works? Gordon Ramsay
Arrested during haircut only half head finished
What are you doing? Filling the caravan with petrol. Why? So it explodes when the car hits it. Why would it? Because I’ve filled it with petrol. Clarkson Hammond Top Gear
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Gotta have a liitle sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come im waiting on the good times now. Recorded shortly after his wife died
Welcome to real life where nobody cares if you’re offended and your feelings don’t matter