Pulp Fiction Kill Bill blonde one leader kung-fu master demolition expert French I played the deadliest woman with a knife Uma Thurman
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Chris Pratt used his raptor whispering to cheer patients at Lake children’s hospital
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Talking about the American Dream prof asked german kid if they had a german dream we did but no one liked it
The year we won the house cup, we almost lost our sister, we passed on James legacy, we knew he was back, we became legends we became I
Professor who likes Game of Thrones I’ve read all the books if it’s too loud I’ll tell you who’ll die next
Teenage son takes part in rioting in Baltimore mother of the year stops him
Caligula waged a war on Poseidon army march to the beach and start stabiing the water
Charity basketball game Kanye West scored 106 points against team of handicapped disabled children in wheelchairs