What you believe to be true is it true or do you just believe that it is true because you were taught so and never looked any further?
Chewie I’m home April Fools Star Wars Finn trolling Chewbacca comic
At the age of 19 Luke Skywalker was making vroom vroom noises with his toy planes Leia Organa, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala
Luke Skywalker illusion 100 Star Wars
She already knows everything but how I needed years of training for that. She bought the loot boxes Star Wars Luke Yoda
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USA elections 2008 A New Hope, 2016 Empire Strikes Back, 2020 Return of The Jedi Obama Trump Sanders
Putin vs Arab Saudi Arabia lightsaber fight light sabers
Donald Trump Jabba the hut with Melania Trump slave as Leia