While in US you are afraid of these guys Trump Clinton here in Brazil we survived 13 years of these guys
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Dear Americans, we elected a female to lead us and she let a bunch of third world assholes into our nation. Good luck, the people of Germany. Angela Merkel
Mr. Trump many polls are turning against you, how do you respond? If elected I will send them back to Poland, very dangerous people
The 21st century: a place where we live stream war while facebook prompts us to react with an emoticon Mosul CNN live
This weekend the nation with the highest incarceration rate, who maintains a secret kill list for its drone program will celebrate freedom from tyrrany witha a straight face. USA
US border with Mexico Donald Trump Pepe the frog meme
George Bush how old 9 11 nine eleven WTC face
Trump Tower that’s a nice tower, be a shame if someone knocked it down George W. Bush