Germany must pay Poland up to $1 trillion dollars in reparations minister says. Germany: I’m gonna pay you $100 dollars to get off Trailer park boys
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Elon Musk movie he just wants to go home superhero
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Donald Trump Jabba the hut with Melania Trump slave as Leia
Breaking news: with the new face ID feature Arya Stark can now unlock every iPhone in the Westeros Game of Thrones
When you need to call the police and the new iPhone face ID don’t recognize you Sylvester Stallone beaten up
iPhone X facial recognition uncrackable? I got this Arya Stark Game of Thrones
Unlock iPhone X with my face Android did that 5 years ago The Office
Rhaegars marriage to Elia was annulled. #Shook, who’s the three eyed raven now bitch? Game of Thrones