Employer: why do you want to work for us? Me: there’s a blastoise in here. Employer: *sweating* where?
Come over, my parents aren’t home. I can’t. Why? Snorlax is blocking the road. Pokemon GO
Gets Pokemon GO, breaks into Area 51, Sir this is government property, where the fuck is Mewtwo?
FIFA 17 game cover Messi behind the bars arrested
Hey Poland, wtf? You scared Deutschland? Is only the Voltorb, then where is Poland? Get Voltorb derp. Kurwa! Polandball Pokemon
How to kidnap a 28 year old in 2016: rare Pokemon inside sprayed written on a truck. Pokemon GO
We are paying you to work, not chase fictional video game characters with your cell phone all day. You’ll have plenty of time unemployed to “catch them all”. Pokemon GO warning at work
Pokemon GO starter pack: mobile phone, shoes, accident