Man saves beer from burning house TV news
Star Wars: story of orphaned boy radicalized after military strike kills his family, indoctrinated into ancient religion, joins band of rebels, carries a terrorist attack killing 300k people Luke Skywalker
This is Calais in France looking like Africa 2015 fail
2015 summary: Pepe, the Dress, man buns, Starbucks red cup, Poot, hotline bling, left shark
Star Wars talking frog convinces son to kill his dad. Explain a film plot badly
Batman a billionaire devotes his fortune to cosplay and beating up mentally ill explain a film plot badly
Bye Stormtrooper why did you send that? To let you know that I’m gonna miss you. Smooth af
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Keanu Reeves took break from filming to walk a pitbull in New York looking terrifying