What is your ISIS name? Month day you were born: goat fckr
Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Because she didn’t get enough votes, that’s what I reckon Jeremy Clarkson
Israeli girls fight to defend their country from 400 million muslims, American boys need shool off and “safe spaces” because Hillary Clinton lost
USA elections Star Wars: 1988 The Phantom Menace, 1992 Attack of the Clones, 2000 Revenge of the Sith, 2008 a New Hope, 2016 Empire Strikes Back 2020 Return of the Jedi
The history of the US Presidency in emojis scared cat
The Simpsons predicted Trump winning and they got electoral map right
Everyone’s slamming Donald Trump but I didn’t see Hillary Clinton help Kevin find the lobby
Markische Allgemeine good morning Mrs President newspaper fail Hillary Clinton