Curiosity rover, generosity rover, ferocity rover, velocity rover, monstrosity rover, pomposity rover
Who are we? Philosophers. What do we want? Where are we? What does it mean? Who am I? meme
Your resume says you master PHP, SQL, ASP, Perl, Ruby, Java, Python, incredible. Yeah most of my experiences were with WordPress, I just love this language comic
Who’s a good boy? Not me babe, bad to the bone. Harley dog comic
Hey Jennifer stay away from my anabolic steroids, shut up mom
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What’s going on? I can see through you, my son told me he’s transgender, so that makes me transparent comic
When you put your hand inside a pocket tangled veins just like headphones cable
Morning, what are you reading? Fiction. “How to avoid talking to coworkers by reading” book
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