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For the company picnic management decided that due to liability issues we could only have one beer per person. I was fired for ordering the huge giant cups
When the bouncers are throwing you out the club and your waving to your friends like cute panda
You can drive but do you avocado
People who are offended when I breastfeed in public need to STFU, what I’m doing is natural and strenghtens the bond between me and my dog
Keanu Reeves rap album parental advisory explicit content
Have you ever tried alcohol? Yes / no missed box tick
If you liked the Nike hijab you’ll love the new high performance Nike stones for when she takes it off
Introducing the new Nike Pro hijab just do it if your husband lets you muslim woman
Terminator can’t read Connor Sarah captcha in phone book
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My son was upset about his graze so I turned him into his hero adolf hitler sign on forehead