This is a famous wizard from the east he has dealt with two towers before World Trade Center Lord of the Rings
Star Wars Millenium Falcon advanced tech spacecraft that can travel faster than the speed of light has a headphone jack
When your girlfriend chooses the movie bored dog
I hate funerals, I never know what to say. Just say I’m sorry for your loss and move on. IT Crowd
Every group project The Hangover movie: one man does 99% of the work, one has no idea what’s going on, one says he’s going to help but he’s not, one diappears
You are just a robot, at least I am white Will Smith
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People in horror movies be like running towards death sign
My son looks more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe
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Current relationship status: empty side of bed The Simpsons
A man does not study for exams on time, a man procrastinates until the last minute. Game of Thrones