Linux sysadmin walks into a pharmacy: ephedrine. I can’t serve you that. Sudoephedrine, there you go
How daltonists see things examples
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Probiotic vs antibiotic
Beating heart 3D polygons GIF animation
Hey why do you look so sad? Because I’m so sad. Oh well don’t be sad, wow that’s all I needed, thanks! Cyanide and happiness
Doc: we’ve detected super gay levels of vaping and Pokemon GO. Guy: I’m also vegan. Doc: dear God
One month after playing Pokemon GO. Doctor: do you exercise? I Pokemon GO. Doctor *writes on a notepad* fit AF
Dude you are not going to believe where I just caugh a wild Squirtle gynecologist Pokemon GO
Doc: are you sexually active? Me: I play Pokemon GO. Doc: a simple “no” would have been fine
My joints are stiff, it’s because youre rolling them too tight old couple