What is your ISIS name? Month day you were born: goat fckr
In Portugese we don’t say deal with it, we say desemerda te which means unshit yourself I love my language
What makes this happen green line under railway
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After historic fight Pacquiao volunteered at Las Vegas orphanage while Mayweather spent 1,2 million on champagne
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Japan train late over 5 minutes “Proof of lateness” slip conductors personally apologized
Run the world girls beyonce 6 writers 4 producers Bohemian Rapsody 1 writer 1 producer
Japanese schools do not employ janitors or custodians students clean the school themselves
Pandas sit alone when sad
Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Because she didn’t get enough votes, that’s what I reckon Jeremy Clarkson
Israeli girls fight to defend their country from 400 million muslims, American boys need shool off and “safe spaces” because Hillary Clinton lost