A lot of people cry when they cut onions, the trick is to not form an emotional bond. silly tip
How can you write the date with just 5 letters? Not possible, Emma Watson today
Dogs pulled into water ABS on off comparison anti-lock braking system
Is this a man throwing away the trash or a juggler giving up on his dream? bin icon
There are 4 types of white people men emo hunter college student
Bill’s fashion – Steven Seagal in the 80s, Hillary’s fashion – Steven Seagal right now
Hitler died in 1945, Trump was born in 1945. Coincidence? I do not think so. Mystery? Maybe. Hotel? Trivago
British intersection with 6 roundabouts and 38 arrows
Teach your kids climbing and they’ll never have enough money to buy drugs tons of equipment
Man throws beer bottle at bartender when she changes Black Sabbath to Christmas music