He met Iron Man out of costume Robert Downey Jr. crying kid
If I give up and go sleep now I can wake up early tomorrow to revise Pinocchio nose
When someone tries to hurt your feelings but you’re dead inside and haven’t been able to feel for years Skeletor
Lara Croft Tomb Raider 1 cosplay edgy
I am Wonder Woman – I wonder where I left my keys, I wonder where I put my purse, I wonder where my money went
Best hacker in the world, does not know how to buy drugs on the darknet Mr robot
Liam Neeson is overbooked, they picked the wrong passenger
Men with hairstyles like these have 300% percent chance of colonizing mars Elon Musk
Don’t drive too fast you’ll lose your hair like we did Fast and Furious
When you’re about to pay at the grocery store but your mom tells you to run and grab something she forgot Spongebob