When your family praises you for fixing the wifi but all you did was reset the router
If life is dragging you back with difficulties it means that it’s going to launch you into something great just focus and keep aiming Green Arrow
When they blocked you but you’re creeping using different account pepe frog meme
Emergency defibrillator Pikachu Pokemon what kind of sick joke is this he’s dying
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Batman Joker: come on hit me, I can’t hit a girl, I’m not a girl, you are using lipstick you are a girl
When you and your co-worker take happy hour a little too far Batman Joker
The greatest russian hero amazing Blyatman
Kanye West on twitter “I am Lord Voldemort” first letters of tweets
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Pope Benedict looking like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars
Roast me Piggy roasted pig literally