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Message in a bottle 21st century style pendrive
California on Google maps thata way thisa way whicha way
I just had a great quarter of Jamaicas finest chronic
Here comes the airplane Allahu Akbar robotic feeding arm fail animation
Beard length guide: dudely, sea captain, hippy wizard. Creative T-shirt
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A lion would never cheat on his wife but a Tiger Wood
The driver: drive, don’t kill us, shotgun: mad dj skillz, navigate so hard back seat: nap like a boss, snack distributor, remind front people bathrooms exist
Fat before I hate myself after fit nope that wasn’t it
How big are deer? Adult deer are as tall as a bicycle they weigh as much as 800 hamburgers
What are you doing tonight? More like who am I doing tonight? No one I’m free, what’s up Star Wars
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