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If coffee empty refill else drink programmers mug software developer
Pillow fort couch – creative bed interior inspiration
Introducing smart ass phone: who wrote Moby Dick stop? wasting my time!
6 stages of taking an unprepared exam: denial, frustration, cheating, desperation, depression, regret Mr Bean
It started out with a kiss, how did we end up like this, it was only a kiss
That moment when you start the computer and your fingers automaticly reach W A S D keys
I hear you’re supposed to send people hearts and kittens on Valentine’s day. You’re welcome
Word made of 4 letters yet also made of 3 written with 8 letters and then with 4 rarely consists of 6 and never is written with 5
Dude stayed 40 minutes after the test: I’m just absorbing the reality that ill have to live withmy parents for the rest of my life
Time spent wrapping presents graph: looking for the tape, scissors, moving the cat