I don’t always listen to German music but when I du du hast mich Nicolas Cage meme
The most 90s photo ever Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Macaulay Culkin
James May freezing cabrio Top Gear put heater on warm
CNN Nancy Sinatra is not happy Trump will use her father’s song at inauguration. That’s not true, I never said that why do you lie CNN twitter
When your relatives offers you money and you pretend like you can’t take it at first Drake
If your A level results are disappointing don’t worry, I got a C and two us and I’m currently on a superyacht in the med Jeremy Clarkson on twitter
Kevin Spacey wearing a mask with his own face gif animation
Rihanna after a night with Arsene Wenger too large jacket
When she stays online 4 hours after saying good night Cristiano Ronaldo
Samuel L. Jackson dog