Did you know Jurgen Klopp doesn’t watch penalties so if he coaches Real Madrid he’ll miss all of Ronaldo’s goals
LeBron James could be spark plug could be alternator. I can prolly fix it for $200 dollars
Goat Federer seen through glasses greatest of all time
Bro wrestilng is stupid. Why? Men with no pants fighting for a belt, wtf?
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Keep digging we have to find Chelsea football trolling bottom of table
Fastest red card in soccer history 2 seconds after used foul language after the starting whistle
Ran 5h in 10 minutes traning is going good. The world record is 12 minutes
Exercise: the poor man’s plastic surgery
The only exercise I’ve done this month is running out of money
When you check your iPhone in the middle of the night and the brightness is all the way up swollen boxer