Typical catholic, typical muslim, typical atheist – science vs religion
Elon Musk quote: When I was a little kid I was scared of the dark, it just means the absence of protons in the visible wavelenght. It’s silly to be afraid of a lack of protons
Men with hairstyles like these have 300% percent chance of colonizing mars Elon Musk
Scientists finally concluded that the chicken came first not the egg because the protein which makes the egg shells is only produced by a hen
If you’re driving a Tesla and it gets stolen is it now called an Edison?
Looks like we found a square root wood tree forrest
Serial killer, parallel killer Dexter
I was gonna make a chemistry joke but Na
Math equation fail meme
Elon Musk mentions possible manned mission to Mars by 2025. Idiots don’t know what they’re talking about we forgot about cosmic radiation comic