When mom makes you go to church but you still metal
Dear God please let me win 100m Olympics.  How do we satisfy them both? paraolympics
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How do I convert to PDF all hail Adobe Reader
I am a freethinker, I am an individual therefore I do not believe in silly archaic doctrines or follow established religion like the mindless sheep you all are. I am intellectually superior
Christian Bale visited shooting victims at the hospital Atheist Bale did not. Christians: 1, Atheists: 0
I cut my hair and he didn’t even notice islamic woman wearing burka hijab
Oppressive to women? Catholic church is the first place I ever saw a man wash dishes
There are almost 5000 gods being worshiped by humanity but don’t worry only yours is right
Lower it or God will do it for you BMW hit by a tree
Breaking news: nothing to do with islam