I’ve finished building the time machine, now to pay someone a visit, clapping at Hitler speech
When it’s late at night and your trying to go to bed but then you think of that slightly embarrassing thing you did 10 years ago
Pre Tinder days when you didn’t say a word to your crush at school but you’d spit pure fire at night
Throwback to my last decent sleep USG ultrasound picture pregnancy
4000 years later and we’re back to the same language hieroglyphs emoticons
So glad I grew up doing this not this. Snorting cocaine vs using smartphone
Duck Hunt if you remember this game you probably have some responsibilities right now
Being 28 in 2016: I’m not ready for a relationship. In 1816: I have 13 kids. In 1000 BC: I lived a good life thrice I ate a berry and once a pear
Today’s kids will never know the effort needed to wind car windows down
2006: let me pick a snazzy new ringtone for when people call me. 2016: let me put my phone on silent so I don’t have to know when people call me