The Simpsons predicted Pokemon GO
In Soviet Russia Pikachu catches you with a rifle gun
Everyone’s playing Pokemon again, Blink 182 has a no. 1 song, Clinton’s running for president, Tarzan in theaters welcome to 2001 2016
Update: I found a leaked photo of the server room for Pokemon GO potatoes as a servers
Vote Hillary November 8th: simply post Hillary with the hashtag #PresidentalElection on your facebook or twitter account trolling
Man goes back into fire to rescue beer TV interview
Before sexual revolution, after sexual revolution, after Elliot Rodger revolution
How Iceland football national team was selected only 23 people remaining on the list
England boss Roy Hodgson earns 35m pounds a year, Iceland boss is a part-time dentist
Step 1: invent a sport, Step 2: suck at it. England football Euro fail