My favourite part of the Godfather is when his mustache turns into a tree
Under budget and ahead of schedule 57 years vs. 3 weeks Fidel Castro Donald Trump
You know you’re Polish when you refer to all sneakers as adidasy
Birds: types of pigeons: Christmas pigeon, land pigeon, violence pigeon, emo pigeon, knowledge pigeon, carnival pigeon, street pigeon
Fidel Castro dies on Black Friday – the most capitalist day of the year
Forrest Gump getting a medal in 1968 Tom Hanks getting a medal from Obama in 2016
What is your ISIS name? Month day you were born: goat fckr
In Portugese we don’t say deal with it, we say desemerda te which means unshit yourself I love my language
What makes this happen green line under railway
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After historic fight Pacquiao volunteered at Las Vegas orphanage while Mayweather spent 1,2 million on champagne
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