For tobacco use only smoking weed toys gadgets meme
Teach your kids climbing and they’ll never have enough money to buy drugs tons of equipment
What wold you buy if you won the lottery? Bunch of hookers and cocaine. Okay that’s not the answer were looking for
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People on snapchat: snorting cocaine, people on facebook: super polite
Don’t think the kids like this “no smoking in cars with children” law all that much when the weather is this bad
Meth not even once Darth Vader mask
When you’re high at the ZOO and trying to be normal Borat what type of dog is this? This is a tortoise
Psst hey you kids wanna buy some drugs? Leaning tower of Pisa
When you randomly smell weed in public Yoda meme
Cosbility finish her Mortal Kombat Bill Cosby