What are you doing? Texting the most beautiful girl in the world, but she is not replying so texting you. Achievement unlocked: savage
Studies show that if you are scared of spiders you will find one in your bedroom. I am scared of Tom Hardy
How fast can you guess these words? Books, random, fork, pants, pulse, six. Dirty mind word play
Chinese artist vacuumed air in Beijing for 100 days and made a brick from it. This is the brick
Breakfast yogurt peach and apple disguised looking like egg and fries. Do this to me and I will kill you
Real life Mariokart battles with RC cars sporting knives and balloons
The four stages of life: 1. You believe in Santa Claus, 2. You don’t believe, 3. You are Santa Claus, 4. You look like Santa Claus
How to stop women talking make a selfie gif animation
LAN party with the guy duct taped to the ceiling playing Counter-Strike
Happy 25th birthday IKEA here’s your cake self-assembly