How did we end up here? Tesla software update, Elon Musk clicked on a SpaceX file by mistake xckd
BMW drive like an asshole, congratulations on your purchase now you have to watch our mandatory instructional video
Clarkson, Hammond – UK flag, May – rainbow flag
Disabled parking only: I am pregnant, only shop for 2 minutes, my back is sore – not a disability sign
Smart parking between pay for parking and tow zone motorbike
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Male logic total cost of beer. Where’s your Ferrari?
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Real life Mariokart battles with RC cars sporting knives and balloons
Google police car: Does your car have any idea why my car pulled it over? policeman
Waterloo please. The station? Well I’m a bit late for the battle. cab
After years of hard work and persistence achieved my goal of buying grey and white military cargo shorts Rolls Royce