Throwback to when the car insurance lady asked my mom for front rear and side views but she didn’t get the memo fail
Jeremy Clarkson What is your favourite Peugeot? That’s like asking me to name my favourite eye infection
To fix the engine you must first become the engine man inside engine
People are excited about new iPhone releases but are yet to discover this amazing little gadget turning indicators
Louder than your mom last night car exhaust pipe sticker Nissan 350Z
Honk if you love dying and being dead car bumper sticker
When the light turned green 0.00001 seconds ago and someone behind beeps their horn at you. Black man doesn’t understand
What are you doing? Filling the caravan with petrol. Why? So it explodes when the car hits it. Why would it? Because I’ve filled it with petrol. Clarkson Hammond Top Gear
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Most effective anti-theft system in America manual transmission gearbox
7 championships one picture formula one trolling