Warning: AdBlock makes you unattractive to women. I just installed it and now all the horny singles in my area have suddenly lost interest
Matt Damon movie poster: yeah put some text over my face
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Mexican food so authentic Donald Trump would build a wall around it creative AD
Mark Zuckerberg H&M collection seven basic t-shirts, one pair of basic jeans. One less thing to think about in the morning
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Hannah microwaves butterflies in her spare time ad poster
$15 dollars lawn care, you are reading this off a plate, I need some work man
iPhone iOS bug date January 1 1970 – bug AD trolling users “Blast from the past”
Blast from the past – trolling Apple iPhone users change date to January 1 1970
Love is complicated proposing, IKEA is simple hotdog
Cute girl doing splits like Van Damme in Volvo AD gif animation