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Be honest, is this too much lettuce? Super meaty burger
Welcome to the hotel California, such a lovely place, such a lovely face silly comic meme
Before Christmas dinner, after Christmas dinner Formula 1 tires got fat
Pearl Harbor was an inside job, there no way Japanese planes could’ve flown this distance in 1931. Wake up retards and realise your government has been lying to you. Japan is innocent
I am a freethinker, I am an individual therefore I do not believe in silly archaic doctrines or follow established religion like the mindless sheep you all are. I am intellectually superior
I gave you $10 dollars he gave you $20 dollars you didn’t realise he has 200 dollars while all I had was $10 dollars
Father: you don’t have a house, a car, or a job. What can you offer my daughter? Me: bags of memes
If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you’re no longer a racing driver. Vertical car