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Elon Musk this is called a zipline. And the humans enjoy this? Then I shall enjoy it as well
When you turn the basement lights off and run upstairs before death consumes you running chicken
Disappointment island where do you see yourself in 10 years
When the puzzle says 2-4 years but you solve it in under 3 months. Genius Stephen Hawking
Oh no, my Nintento broke, call the ambulance Wii U, Wii U
Use your own words, don’t just copy from the text book. Book: she was born in 1987. Me: 1978 is the year in which she was born
When I say I’m broke it doesn’t mean I have $0 dollars, it just means I have responsibilities to handle first before spending it on dumb shit
I present you the wurst case scenario meat
Mad baby with evil eyebrows
When you thought you had a couple hundred dollars but your remaining balance says $4 dollars