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A lion would never cheat on his wife but a Tiger Wood
The driver: drive, don’t kill us, shotgun: mad dj skillz, navigate so hard back seat: nap like a boss, snack distributor, remind front people bathrooms exist
Fat before I hate myself after fit nope that wasn’t it
How big are deer? Adult deer are as tall as a bicycle they weigh as much as 800 hamburgers
What are you doing tonight? More like who am I doing tonight? No one I’m free, what’s up Star Wars
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When you say you’re not going out and you meet the person you’ve lied to Awkward Retriever
How to troll people with garbage looking like dead body
How many ships could a ship ship if a ship ship could ship ships?
What I do when I break something? Fix it, tell somebody that I broke it, fix it just enough so that the next person to use it thinks they broke it graph
Testing web pages on different browsers Internet Explorer fail throwing table meme