When a Google employee dies their spouse receives half of the employee’s salary for 10 years and their children $1000 dollars per month until they turn 19
I’m afraid she’s a physicist. Testing Lily comic
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That disappointing moment when you get to work and it’s not on fire
When everyone is excited for the weekend but you have to work during the weekend sad frog meme
Doing nothing is very hard to do, you never know when you’re finished
That moment you realize it’s going to be difficult to explain why youre late for work. Huge Minion on blocking the road
Interviewer: so why do you want this job? Well I’ve always been really passionate about not starving to death
Roses are red, tacos are enjoyable, don’t blame a Mexican just because you’re unemployable
Going to work when I first started my job vs now Shia Labeouf
The natural finger position of others in the office vs my natural finger position gaming