Cats office GIF animation
Tinder profile: I’m an estate agent and I’ve got a rather large semi I need to get rid of. Maybe I can help you with that semi
When you’re at work checking the time and it’s 9 AM then you check 3 hours later and it’s only 9:21 AM
Fishing teamwork
I’m quitting my teaching job Monday so yesterday I decided to end the week with style kids middle finger
This is Sally’s 3rd promotion this month. I don’t know how she does it, she must be a hard worker. Red knees
What’s the salary for now? $500, but later it can go up to $1000. OK, I’ll come later then
Tour of accounting: over here we have our random number generator, nine nine, are you sure that’s random? That’s the problem with randomness, you can never be sure. Gilbert comic
How not to hold a soldering iron woman fail
Pizza order special instructions: send your cutest delivery boy. Dog delivering pizza