Rare photo of the 1940 Tour the France war tanks
Don’t like guns? That’s fine, you can be the drummer at war
Carrefuhrer hitler Carrefour
President Donald Trump on facebook war silly conversation wtf is North Korea
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I dare you look to this boy in the eye and tell him were not taking anymore Syrian refugees Ricirt
I’ve got this great jobs program it’s called WW3 Hillary Clinton
Yo Auschwitz was a social experiment bro chill stop trying me for war crimes there’s a camera right there lmfao hitler meme
The 21st century: a place where we live stream war while facebook prompts us to react with an emoticon Mosul CNN live
UN: Assad you’re not gonna bomb that area are you? Not to worry, I have a permit: I can do what I want – Bashar al Assad
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New image shows Assad helicopter carrying barrel bombs and following the Titanic on the day it was sunk