Country taboo topic: USA 9/11, France Paris attacks, Germany WW2, Greece economic crisis, Brazil 7:1 football score
You were born too late, you will never explore earth. You were born too early you’ll never explore the galaxy, you were born just in time to fight European race war Pepe frog
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10 out of 10-terrorists prefer “gun free” zones
We have more in common with the people we are bombing, than the people we are bombing them for
Bashar Al Assad calling Putin 50 missed calls plz answer I’m afraid
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Can’t conquer China it’s way too big. What do I always say? I’m Genghis Khan not Genghis Khan’t
You know you’re a badass when you carry a holstered attack dog army troops
When all your friends go to the range and don’t invite you to go. Soldier drinking at home