Situation in Syria explained animation grilling boar ISIS USA Russia
Go ahead call the caliph he can’t un-brrt you jet fighter
Knock-knock who’s there? Putin. Who? Putin you to sleep
Hey ISIS new Syria strategy bomb Europe and leave a Syrian passport behind so we can expand the war in Syria and get rid of Assad and Russia Obama
I don’t know why they attacked Paris, we told ISIS only kill Iraquis, Syrians, Lebanese
Why did you choose to post French flag but not these victims from these countries are not white enough?
If ISIS is Islam then this is a Mercedes donkey with Mercedes logo
Let me be clear Obama, if all this sounds insane to you that’s because it is
Me and my brutal dictator friend have decided Assad is a bad man Obama
Putin Step 1: preheat oven to 6000 celsius degrees, step 2: insert Turkey