Did I get rick rolled by Spotify it was never our intention to rick roll you
Roses are red I’m going to bed
If you’re thin you’re not coming in only because you are blocking the door you whale
Imagine walking 2km to hatch an egg and it’s Magikarp. Imagine waiting nine months to give birth and it’s you Pokemon GO
Kendrick Lamar hurricane death megatron 300
The bermuda triangle of productivity facebook gmail twitter
Germany axe rampage on a train: Here come all the racists. Islam isn’t a race. What do you call someone who discriminates against people based on their religion? A muslim. BBC Twitter
Every day is leg day when you’re running from your problems. Pakalu Papito
The worst defeat in our history, England beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers. Well played Iceland Gary Lineker
It was pretty cool to see Sam discover the internet, well Arya discovered facebook, Varys was already using twitter before that Game of Thrones