This reminds me of a Civilization game when one player is way ahead in the tech tree
In Witcher 3 you get to play as Ciri enemies will yell nasty gender insults while she fights
Scholes could find my dad with a pass and I haven’t seen him since I was 5
I accidentally messed up my life how do I start a new account Pakalu Papito
Can you imagine how hot I’d be if I ate right and took care of my body I’m not gonna do it but can you imagine? Pakalu Papito
Dude on the right can probably get his girlfriend back on the left it’s over she was too calm doing this
My boyfriend is not allowed to watch Animal Planet he might see his ex there
Rebecca Black if you tweet me I’ll make whatever you say my senior quote eeaauuggghhhh
I can’t even go to the shop because people think I am Kanye West and want photos with me
Tom and Jerry had the realest beef of all time never said a word it was just on sight