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Lumberjack vs web developer comparison 1996 vs 2016
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This is Hasan, he was born in Sweden. Hasan is Swedish muslim. This is Misho, he was born in an aquarium. Misho is a fish hamster comparison trolling
Eating two strips of bacon for breakfast reduces your chance of being a suicide bomber by 100% percent
This isn’t what we meant when we said orange is the new black Donald Trump Barack Obama
Wrestling fight Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton gif animation
Hey kid are you a Mexico? Not at all, Trump for president! Keep it up my man! Dios Mio, that was close
Donald Trump answers question what is two plus two George Takei
No matter who you vote for this election will be historic: 1st female president Hillary Clinton, 1st jewish president Bernie Sanders, last president Donald Trump
Donald Trump like Charles Manson comparison gif animation