How to make heart-shaped eggs
You can’t become a Master Trainer if you do drugs Ash Pokemon GO
The friend who gives unsolicited relationship advice even though she’s been single for 7 years starter pack
Phones face down stacked on the table first person to check their phone pays the bill. Awesome idea
Raise your kid to be PC gamer and they will never have money for drugs
At the end, when your legs are tired and your arms are giving out get angry that you are tired, then hit it harder. Drinking alcohol quote
Don’t stop until you’re proud. Drinking alcohol tip
Emergency plan in case of terrorist attack in major European city: tearful cartoons, facebook flag, crying on TV, light up building, wait, repeat
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Pokemon GO Egg hack: put your phone in the microwave to simulate walking: 10k = 30 mins, 5 k = 15 mins, 2 k = 7 mins trolling joke
Don’t Pokemon and drive road sign