If you work hard enough you can replace depression with exhaustion
Head&shoulders unnecessairly gendered product, the men’s one is cheper, then buy the one for men shampoo
They can’t vote against you if they’re in jail Turkey Erdogan protip lifehack
How to make french fries from apples
Find a woman with a brain they, all have vaginas street quote
Making one dollar bill look like four dollars tipping tip
Web MD diagnosis: that’s cancer, I’m not saying it’s cancer but it’s cancer comic
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How to win at Tekken: pick Eddie Gordo, spam every button, nobody will want to fight you again, perfect victory
How to play the Sims: spend 8 hours making a beautiful family, play as intended for 3 seconds, motherlode, build dream house, cry over fact you’ll never live there, murder entire family
How to make heart-shaped eggs