If you don’t remember her name in the morning take her to Starbucks tip
Welcome to my makeup tutorial. So the first step of course is to be a beaufiful twenty year old with lots of money
How to start a conversation with a girl: hi wrong, kosovo je Srbija right
Me: I’m depressed. Therapist: try mountain climbing. Me: how does that help? Therapist: you might die
Your options include: becoming your father, joining the army, making conceptual art, dying alone in the woods list
Want to get rid of puffy eyes? Try a couple of fresh jalapeno slices
Cats have 9 lives, you are not a cat, buckle up. Highway sign quote
“I’m finally getting used to this body”. Get a pet parrot teach it to say this and only this
When you freak out about losing your glasses and your friends tell you to just look for them. With what eyes?
Eat fascists not animals quote