Tendon trick: place thumb in a closed fist, tilt hand down
Before making any promise to a girl masturbate twice it may change your opinion
Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg 138 billion in one picture and no Gucci, Armani, Rolex. The goal is to be rich not to look rich
You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby Ariana Grande
1998: don’t get into strangers’ cars, don’t meet people from the internet. 2017: literally summon strangers from the internet to get into their car
How to ground your child in 2017 fidget spinner locked with padlock
iPhone 7 still has headphone jack it’s hidden behind the casing drill a small hole 14mm from the left edge drill shouldn’t be larger than 4mm
If you don’t remember her name in the morning take her to Starbucks tip
Welcome to my makeup tutorial. So the first step of course is to be a beaufiful twenty year old with lots of money
How to start a conversation with a girl: hi wrong, kosovo je Srbija right